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Replacement Lines

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Donít forget that your wing is the most important part of your flying gear. It is important that you regularly inspect your lines between inspections. If you have any doubt as to the integrity of a line, it is well worth it to replace it.

It is very important that you buy lines for your wing from a professional. We have been trained to use just the right needles, special UV thread and the proper stitch lengths

Paramotor City Glider Shop can make most any line you need for your paraglider wing. If you have a line chart with your wing manual, you can email your request using the form by clicking the link on this page. If you donít have a line chart, put as much information as you can on the form. You can always call Michelle if you need more specific help.

Paramotor City Glider Shop stocks many lines but not all that are made. Even if we donít have the exact color, weíll make a line for you that is very similar in diameter and inner core material make-up.

You can change a line yourself and save the cost of shipping your wing. It is very important that it is done correctly, so if you are not sure how to do it, you can order our DVD, Wing Tips and learn how. The DVD is packed with useful information on wings. Of course if you have many lines that need replacing or you just donít feel comfortable, you can always send it to our shop and we will do it for you.

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Following wing manufacturersí recommendations, all lines are stretched to 20 pounds when cut, in order to simulate lengths when the wing is under load.

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